Housekeeper Cleaning Services Marysville, WA

Professional Housekeeper Cleaning Services in Marysville, WA

Attractive Home offers the best housekeeper services 100% guaranteed.

What if you could come home to a fresh and clean house every day?  With Attractive Home's housekeeping and maid cleaning services you can have that dream become a reality!  Give yourself a treat with our residential cleaning service in your home today.

We are fully licensed, bonded and insured. You will have no worries when you hire Attractive Home for professional house cleaning services. We are all certified with a 35 year proven in quality and efficiency cleaning system.

What our Housekeeper Services do include

We can work with all different kinds of schedules.

Our housekeeping services include cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, living areas, bedrooms, and office rooms.  We can schedule to visit your home 5 days a week and will back up all of our housekeeper cleaning services with a 100% guarantee.  Our housekeeping services can be scheduled weekly,  every 2 weeks, and every 4 weeks depending on the maintenance needs of your home.  More on our maintenance cleanings here.


  • Hand clean all doors and drawers
  • Clean and sanitize outside of all appliances, and inside oven
  • Clean and sanitize counter tops, back splash and sink.
  • Vacuum & mop floors
  • Polish stainless appliances


  • Hand clean fixtures & mirrors
  • Clean & sanitize shower, tubs, tile, sinks, vanity and toilet
  • Hand clean doors, jams and baseboards
  • Clean windows and inside tracks
  • Vacuum and hand clean floor

 Living Areas

  • Dust all surfaces including lamps, side tables & window sills
  • Vacuum blinds and flooring
  • Hand clean doors, jams and baseboards
  • Clean windows and inside tracks


  • Dust foot board, head board, side tables and dressers
  • Vacuum flooring
  • Hand clean windows, inside tracks, doors, jams & baseboards,

What our Housekeeper Services don't include

While we try our best, there are some things we can't do!

  • Unclog drains and pipes
  • Clean porches and patios
  • Maintain the grounds/landscaping
  • Repair appliances
  • Repair and install glass
  • Provide fire and water damage restoration services
  • Change light bulbs
  • Perform home improvement tasks
  • Paint exteriors or interiors
  • Cooking, dishes, and laundry

Attractive Home 100% Guarantee

Looking for Maintenance cleaning services near your location? Give us a call!

  • We focus on the individual needs of our costumers.
  • We offer flexible timetables and 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Our professional team is trained and experienced.
  • We are always striving to earn our clients respect by building long term relationships based on excellence and trust.

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8:00am – 4:00pm

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