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Walt Disney Said, “It started with one little mouse.” I say: “It started with one little house”.

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Humble Beginnings & A Personal Touch

Walt Disney once said, “It started with one little mouse.” I say, “It started with one little house”.

After graduating fresh out of college with a Business Management Degree I landed a position with an interior design firm.  Pursuing my career and being successful was exciting but working at an upscale job still left me feeling like my true passion wasn’t being honored even though it paid well.   Not too long after starting to work in interior design I found my self volunteering at a food bank to stay connected with the kind and personal side of myself.   After impressing the manager of the food bank with my personal touch I was invited to clean his home on a recurring basis.  At the time it was more of a favor than a professional career but years later this rudimentary experience in cleaning lead to the foundation on which Attractive Home was built.  It didn’t take long for me to land Harry the food bank manager as my first client.  While still working at the interior design firm I took a risk and started a part-time cleaning business with that single client.  After being amazed by the passion I put into my work Harry then referred me to his daughter, who then referred me to a friend and so on and so forth.  Though technology is the main format for the exchange of information today word of mouth is still the most personal and honest way of connecting with clients.

I realized I much preferred helping people care for their homes, so I quit my job at the design firm and was house cleaning full-time. I wanted to make sure I was using the best practices in the industry; therefore I went through rigorous cleaning training that augmented my Business Management Degree. I am still continuing my education in the industry each and every day. I have gone from 1 client to over 100 clients and I have 8 fantastic employees and we all love what we do.

Celese Lui

Serving Our community

We are honored to be a part of the non profit organization Cleaning for a Reason. We give 2 free cleanings to families fighting cancer. Cleaning for a Reason has cleaned over 35,000 homes nation wide. We are so grateful for the opportunity to assist these families and hopefully make their journey a little bit easier. It is so emotional and uplifting for all involved.

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